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What Is a Do-athon?

A Do-athon is an event in which participants do, meaning that similar to a hackathon, they meet for a limited time to create solutions. However there are core differences from a Hackathon.


What is going to happen during the Do-athon?

The Do-athon begins at 2pm on Thursday March 19th and will last until Friday the 20th at 2pm. There will be two streams for participation:


1. Ideators

Selected Israelis and Asylum Seekers will have the opportunity to take part in 3 ideation sessions that will take place prior to the Hackathon itself. This will involve a tour of South Tel Aviv and a Innovation workshop where participants will be trained by leading SIT experts in their innovation methodologies. Ideas developed in these sessions will be built upon at the Do-athon.


2. Contributors

We open our doors again to no more than 50 participants who will have the opportunity to join the ideators as team members and help develop the  solutions which will then be presented at the "Resource panel".


On Friday afternoon all teams will pitch to the "Resource Panel" who will support selected teams.


What is the "Resource Panel"?

It is a panel of representatives of companies and investors who are committed to provide their services in kind and provide enough capital to take selected companies to the "seed funding" stage.


What type of solutions are expected?

You'll find business based solutions such as moblie apps, services and products that will improve the lives of both asylum seekers and their hosts.


What should I bring to the Do-athon?

You should bring lots of good energies and comfy clothes. We'll bring the food and what you need to take naps from time to time.


What happens after the Do-athon?

Selected teams will receive office space and mentorship for 6 months and then they will have the opportunity to pitch to investors.


Who can take part?

We are inviting Israeli and asylum seekers who are keen on making a difference on the ""problem of infiltrators" into an economic contriutors. More specifically we are inviting entrepreneurs, app developers, UX Experts, community managers, designers, bizdev people, finance people.  Apply Now


Do I need an idea to take part?

No, no, you are welcome to come and join a team during the Do-athon or apply to take part in the pre-sessions, which will involve an intensive ideation and innovation process.


Who are the asylum seekers in Israel?

Asylums seekers are defined as people whose lives or freedom are endangered in their country of origin and Israel granted them group protection which allows them to work and receive some social benefits. According to data from the Population, Immigration and Border Authority from October 2014, the number of asylum seekers living in Israel stands at approximately 47,000 people. An estimated 8,850 of these asylum seekers are from Sudan, 34,500 are from Eritrea.



How Can I Get Involved?

Contact us for more information about opportunities to get involved.




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